Molly with her watercolour art, photo by Ashley River Brant

Molly with her watercolour art, photo by Ashley River Brant

Stories of working with Molly aka “Lady Rose”

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“Molly is a wonderful human being and powerful healer! I love her work and learned a lot about spiritual boundaries and how to live in harmony with the moon! I totally recommend working with her! Don’t miss out on the magic she brings!” —Eva K. (NYC)

I'm not a stranger to the cards, but I really found Molly Burkett's process to be refreshing from beginning to end. She's a gem with some sort of healer energy about her. I left the reading feeling uplifted, clear-headed, motivated, and even closer to deity. Bonus points for having the Wild Unknown deck on hand ;)”- Chris C. (NYC)

Molly is a spiritual warrior. I went to her for my first time about a year ago for a reiki healing. I was referred to her by a friend. I had never experienced reiki and didn't know what to expect. Upon meeting her, I immediately knew she was something special just from her energy and presence. 

The first session was the most life changing. I have told many people this story... Some say I'm crazy and have a wild imagination, others get what had happened... But basically I had a visit from something divine. I saw bright colors when she put her palms on different chakras. Then I saw a light, the purest most loving light I ever saw that enveloped me with peace. This light slowly got bigger then sort of exploded into a calming blue that surrounded me. I have never felt anything so safe, so divine in my life. The only way I could describe how it felt was like seeing God, and I am not even sure if I believe in God the way most people do. It was true and it was glorious. 

I have since seen her two more times in the past year. Each experience has been different, but all have restored my energy to a wonderful place of peace, allowing beautiful and exciting circumstances into enter my life. She gave me two tarot readings for the last two sessions before the reiki, and everything from her readings has realized in my life. 

That blue color has remained my safe place and influenced me everyday since that first session. Whenever I need to calm myself, I close my eyes and see that blue. I can never forget it. I even dyed my hair blue a few weeks ago because I am so obsessed with blue and how it heals me! 

I can never thank Molly enough. She opened me so much. This post is not meant to convince anyone one way or another, just to share my personal experience with an amazing person. I can only hope that anyone who is healed by her can understand the impact she had on my life
.” —Krista M. (NYC)

I have never heard of the Violet Flame before Lady Rose updated her website and services to work with it. I have been a longtime client of her, having received reiki energy work and even signing up for her online tarot course last year (and both were amazing!). So when I saw the Violet Flame Activation offering she had and after reading and meditating on it, I was called to have one. Today was my day and it was such a lovely, beautiful experience. 

Shortly before starting, Lady Rose sent me an email to let me know she was set up. After confirming, I lay back on my bed, willing to receive and heal, and closed my eyes. What followed was a lovely hour in which I felt energy moving in my third eye chakra, saw visions/received messages, and a moment in which my whole body shook before I felt so very light, like a weight had lifted off me. Even the candle I had lit in my sacred space flickered. The energy was powerful. This was different from any energy work I've experienced before. Once I felt I was done (within the hour of the scheduled appointment), I sat down. I felt calmer, more tranquil, clearer and reassured. After some difficult days in which I'd been trying to get back on track, this was exactly what I needed. 

Lady Rose emailed me shortly after with an overall of the energy work she had done (including the activation!), the messages she had received, and the messages my guides had given her as well. She invited me to share what I had discovered on my end, and so, I shared. Shortly after, she emailed me a video of the messages as she channeled them, which I saved in my computer (these are available for download 48 hours after the appointment). I wept watching the video. I received confirmations, and love and hope, and guidance/instruction on how to take care of myself better and be of better service to others. Lady Rose even sent me links to resources I could use along my path. 

All of this is done with such love and such good intention. Lady Rose is very comforting, very loving, very open and earnest in her desire to help you. Truly, when she emails you, she wants to speak with you, and it's easy to tell. She wants to hear about the messages you received. She wants to help you in any way she can, and it shows. 

If you've been thinking about doing a Violet Flame Activation with her, or even if you're on the fence, I encourage you to do so. It's such a beautiful experience, and Rose is such a wonderful guide and healer. Give yourself a chance. I can't wait to put into practice all of these beautiful messages and to keep an eye out for more Temple activities! 

Thank you so much!
” —M.D. (2) (NYC)

The positive reviews are right: a session with Molly is amazing.

When she came out to greet me after having another session, I liked her immediately. She has great energy and a genuineness that's palpable. When she asked me to speak a little more about my situations, she looked truly interested. I sort of left it up to her to decide what was best for me in the session, and we decided on reiki.

I had a 30 minute session with her yesterday and felt a shift. I've been dealing some anxiety, someone who is a little too attached to me and crossing boundaries, and other sorts of personal situations. Molly did reiki on me to work with the boundaries, focus and relaxation. It's been over 24 hours and I can certainly say that it worked. I feel calmer, more in the moment and my perspective on this attached person changed as well. I feel like I'm being gentler on myself, and kinder, and I'm definitely in an uplifted mood, which I needed. She also gave me some suggestions and told me that if I had any questions, I could shoot her an email. I believe this says a lot about her dedication not only to her work, but to her clients as well. I can't wait to schedule another session, hopefully much longer!

Do yourself a favor and book a session with Molly. You'll thank yourself later.
” —M.D. (1) (NYC)

I am having trouble putting into words the gratitude and love I have for Molly and the powerful work she does! I was suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks that began to take over my daily life and work. I have only had one session with Molly and it was my first experience with intuitive council and reiki as I have always been wary of someone inexperienced attempting something like that. To echo the other reviews, Molly is THE REAL DEAL. My entire body feels aligned, I am eating healthier, exercising regularly, I have more energy and I go throughout my days with thoughtfulness. I look forward to continue seeing her for sessions and encourage anyone who has experienced mental or emotional pain or stress to seek her guidance.” —Carly B. (NYC)

Molly is amazing! Not only is she an incredible reader, but she has this awesome energy about her. She's also funny as hell! Loved her personality! Not your typical crunchy energy healer, which I love.

I've been getting readings my entire life and grew up with an aunt who is a psychic. But had a need to see someone in February as I was going through an interesting period in my life. 

She was spot on. So much so, that she said things that at the time I didn't really relate to, but now make perfect sense! 

This woman has a gift, go see her!
” —Simona G. (NYC)

I had meant to write this review earlier, but as life happens, I forgot to do so. Molly is amazing. I was somewhat skeptical and unsure of how much a session would help or if I needed specific healing. I felt grounded and more sure of my intentions and purposes after one session. Her insight and guidance had just enough depth and clarity for me to understand the issues that I was struggling to balance. I truly appreciated her kind methods and intuitive guidance. Looking forward to another visit.” —Belle N. (NYC)

I'm not super sure how to describe a session with Molly. I've had two and each time I've left, I left feeling more calm, self-assured, and understanding of myself. It's like she's a skilled plumber and I'm a sink, plugged up with anxiety and messed up energy. I can very much feel a physical and mental difference after seeing her. Somehow she makes me know myself better than before. I think going to Molly is one of the best ways you can be kind to your mind and body.” —Tracy W. (NYC)

"I know you are here on help trying to decide....  Should I? Shouldn't I?  Is she good?, is it worth it?, I've never had reiki or tarot.  Seriously.....  What are you waiting for?!?! I know you are doing your research but stop right now and book an appointment with Molly immediately.  Do not wait another day to feel better, start healing, get answers, or feel empowered.   

From my first few seconds with Molly I felt safe and at ease, open to whatever experience I was about to have.  I am a believer in magic and the tarot but have never had reiki before.  She was able to provide me with direction and help me answer some things through tarot, exactly what I needed.  Her playfulness is charming and contagious.  My reiki treatment was also positive and opening.  I am looking forward to going back to help aide I my own healing process.  I am so blessed and lucky to have met Molly.  You should go and experience tarot and reiki for yourself whether you are a rookie or a veteran.  She has much light to share :)
.” —Celena S. (NYC)

A gifted healer, with a beautiful spirit. Money well spent on your metaphysical well being! Thanks for all your wisdom lady!” —Chevy L. (L.A.)

Molly is absolutely amazing to work with. She is calm and gentle, and has a real ability to create a healing pathway and dialogue with her clients. She really puts things into perspective in a considerate and tender way, that allows the client to leave the session feeling balanced, centered and inspired. She's really encouraging, motivating, and has exceptional energy that she passes on to the folks she works with.” —Darla D. (San Francisco)

Molly is a super special being. I am a practicing therapist and came in needing some psychic hygiene. Her care and attention were exquisite. She is highly attuned and freed blockages that have been waiting to be freed way too long. Molly was warm, receptive and incredibly astute. Highly recommend!” —Hilda S.

Molly gave me a fantastic tarot reading. When I didn't have the best questions, she was able to get a sense of good things to hone in on, which ended up being perfect for me! She is insightful and introduced new, different perspectives on my life. She even let me record the session and take a picture of the deck, which helps for review! Molly knows what she's doing :) two thumbs and thumb-toes up!” —Angela N. (CA)

Well, this was my first tarot reading. I didn't have high expectations, but I just thought it would be a "fun" thing to do. Molly was really great at getting me to relax and making me feel comfortable talking openly about things that were happening in my life. When she started the reading, I still wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't really have any huge questions that needed answered--or so I thought. By the end of our hour together I had gone through a myriad of emotions. At one point, I was so overwhelmed with the knowledge of this stranger reading so perfectly into my life that I had to choke back tears. 
    It was amazing, to say the least. To those I spoke with about it, I called it spiritual therapy without me having to say what I was thinking for the answers to be laid out before me. She didn't even realize how incredible the reading was for me. Even her offhanded comments about hypothetical events were spot on. It was like this woman who I had spoken to for 15 minutes had more insight into my life than most everyone else who is a part of it. 
     I can't recommend her highly enough. I never knew the feeling that she gave me the day of our reading. I felt lighter than air that day and the feeling has stayed with me weeks later. I felt inspired yet humbled. She gave me a new sort of faith that day. I can't wait to see her again and see what else we can uncover together:)
” —Laura D. (Terre Haute, IN)