Experiencing a healing with Molly, as interpreted by artist Vanja Vukelić aka Merakilabbe <3

Experiencing a healing with Molly, as interpreted by artist Vanja Vukelić aka Merakilabbe <3

The most powerful healing experience I’ve ever had at the hands of another, and we were not even in the same room.
— Kelly Morris, The Infinity Call
Thank you so much for this. It all resonates very strongly, and has helped me tap into some key issues that have really been stalling my progress!
— Ruby Warrington, author of Material Girl, Mystical World


45 mins…$110

Tarot is a tool that originated in Italy in the 15th century. It is used for self-reflection and seeking answers in times of change or stress. Ask questions or stay open to what the cards can provide. We begin with a guided meditation and conclude with prayer for luck, abundance, and peace of mind.


45 mins…$110

Reiki is a healing modality developed by Japanese monk Mikao Usui. Known for its ability to soothe and promote healing of mind, body, and soul, it is a deeply relaxing treatment. By focusing on energy points, it offers balance and rejuvenation. Reiki means Universal (REI) Energy (KI). It works on people, pets, and places, and can be sent into the past and into the future. You can receive from anywhere, and you need not be physically touched to receive its benefit.

Tarot & Reiki Combo Session

90 mins…$222

Combine your tarot session with the relaxing and soothing reiki treatment. Leave feeling refreshed, with a game plan for the future. Plenty of time to indulge in deeper questioning, more time for spiritual mentorship and developing your own intuitive senses. Session starts with a tarot spread on the topic of your choice (love, career or spiritual growth) and concludes with an energy cleansing.


How’d you get into this stuff? A deck called out to me from behind a glass display case…

How do I develop my intuition? Invest in books, trainings, retreats, and workshops, and build a network of peers who keep you inspired!

What’s your cancellation policy? 24-hours notice (email or you can log in to your Acuity booking page and cancel. No refunds. Reschedule up to 2 times with notice.

Please note: Tarot & Reiki is considered complimentary to western medicine and psychotherapy. Molly Burkett is an interdisciplinary healing artist, not a doctor, lawyer, or health professional. Sessions are an offering from the heart. It is a co-created experience for mature clients only who are sincerely seeking healing and personal growth.

Photo by Chloe Rice

Photo by Chloe Rice


In 2006 I suffered the loss of my big brother Patrick Michael (b. 1986) to an accidental drug overdose. Having a dear one on the other side since age 18, it’s no coincidence that I find myself living with a foot in both earthly and heavenly realms. I also lost my Uncle (Patrick’s namesake and my father’s twin) to a drunk driver two years prior. 

Experiencing sibling grief as well as family mourning of sudden, unexpected death has been a challenge that impacts my daily choices. I believe in the power of forgiveness, and that deep healing is possible through authenticity and a grounded, integrated approach to interlineal, multi-dimensional, psychosomatic work. I use a mind-body approach as well as transmit teachings through spontaneous channeling.

Photo by Ashley River Brant

Photo by Ashley River Brant

Everything is connected. You hold in your cells the DNA of not just immediate family members but the entire human race! Collective trauma is re-experienced until it is resolved. Catharsis — the feeling and processing of emotions — is the gateway to truth. Lovemaking, artmaking, and any kind of emotional expression lends itself to resolution of your internalized trauma. We are all connected and when one of us heals, we all heal. 

My own struggles with depression and suicidal risk lend a personal dimension to my practice. Medications vs meditation, hospitalization, alternative medicine vs western doctors, I have experienced it all. I am here to guide you through the process. Offering compassionate support, I've lived it!!! I've found justice and catharsis through healing arts and self care therapies that are inexpensive and easy to do. Thriving amidst genetic challenges is possible and simply the karma for some of us. I destigmatize whatever health issues you are undertaking, deflate the fear and summon strength and endurance. I am determined to help you thrive! 

Often spiritual growth manifests as physical illness and past life karma can give you pain in your current incarnation. I unravel current stories and past life narratives to rebuild a sense of self that is a true reflection of grace, love and peace.