photo by Jess Swanson

photo by Jess Swanson

Molly Burkett is a young artist, healer and beautyseeker currently living in Brooklyn. She works as a shop tarot reader at Catland, the most talked-about metaphysical boutique in New York City and recently received her Reiki Level 2 attunement from Reiki Master Lisa Levine of Maha Rose Healing Center. She is considered a voice of the popular resurgence in mysticism, known for her articulate yet playful and inviting approach towards witchcraft, magic and divination. In her personal practice she uses meditation, guided visualization, yoga, dance, creativity and DIY spellwork to cultivate a unique relationship with the divine Self.

In addition to her career as a spiritual worker she is a musician, many-media artist, professionally trained modern dancer, and claims to be able to win any Seinfeld trivia contest. She is a proud member of Moon Church, the Brooklyn/L.A.-based feminist spiritual collective known for rooftop goddess circles, zines and performance art nights. She grew up homeschooled in Terre Haute, Indiana and received her B.A. in Media & Visual Culture from Indiana University-Bloomington. Pisces Sun/Leo Rising, INFP, and natural redhead.


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