photo by Jess Swanson

photo by Jess Swanson

Molly Burkett is an artist, writer, healer and beautyseeker. She's been reading cards for herself since age 15, but pursued photography, fashion, and modern dance before a series of spiritual experiences led her to the world of professional tarot in the fall of 2013. Since then she has been featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and the New York Post and established herself as a gifted young healer. She is known for guiding clients through universal wisdom with a positive and ethereal energy, while still delivering candid and easily relatable insights. She is a shop tarot reader at Catland Books, a member of Moon Church and Tarot Society, and recently received her Reiki Level 2 attunement from Maha Rose Healing Center. 

She's a believer in tarot as a practical tool for deep healing and personal transformation. It has been a crucial element of her own recovery from depression and anxiety disorder. She also advocates meditation, guided visualization, yoga, dance, artmaking and DIY spellwork as a means to practice mind-body-spirit healing and cultivate a loving, fulfilling relationship with your divine Self. She invites you to see the magic in every day life, embrace your own unique connection to inner wisdom, and use divination to confirm your instincts and nudge you in the right direction.

She grew up homeschooled in Terre Haute, Indiana and received her B.A. in Media & Visual Culture from Indiana University-Bloomington. Pisces Sun/Leo Rising, INFP, and natural redhead. 


The 78 mysteries are used as a gateway to the divine within. We access this energy through candid discussion, meditation, and gentle relaxation exercises. By setting the intention of earnest spiritual seeking, we can use the cards to hear the voice of wisdom inside us all. It's a high-vibe experience of catharsis and insight, and laughter happens as often as tears.

In the tarot, Mother and child, Kings and Queens, warriors and workers and moon goddesses all combine to tell stories that deliver universal wisdom. With me as your guide through these narratives, you can find comfort, clarity and direction during every phase of life.

Psychic moments are happy consequences of this kind of work. However my aim is not to predict upcoming events, but to use the cards to 1.) provide an objective assessment of your situation, including past influences and future outcomes; 2.) ease any frustration, sadness, stress, confusion or anxiety that may be hindering your decisions and empower you to move forward; 3.) help you to strategize your next step based on your goals, strengths, and challenges.


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