Hi! I'm Molly Burkett. I'm an artwitch, tarot guide, energy healer and purveyor of magical goods. I am currently based in Brooklyn and travel often.

I provide one-on-one healing services using tarot cards, usui reiki, crystals, spellcraft, and more, as well as curate/design mindfully-made goods that compliment these practices. 

"Transcending makes life more like a game-- a fantastic game. And creativity can really flow. It's an ocean of creativity. It's the same creativity that creates everything that is a thing. It's us."-- David Lynch

I advocate meditative practices to cultivate inner peace and a quiet mind, as well as intuitive, creative rituals to draw forth magic, synchronicity and psychic happenings. When we act in service to the divine within ourselves and our communities, we can know supreme bliss. Visit my services page to work with me.

"In the great staircase of life, art is the only step that doesn't squeak." --Tom Robbins

I am passionate about scouting the best independently-made products that enchant all senses, embrace Mystery and wonder, and encourage the pursuit of higher consciousness. I believe in the power of mindful aesthetics to help direct our energies and achieve our goals. By supporting small companies and dream-weavers, we create a new world that values beauty and purpose over profit and mindless growth.

"The aim of the female revolution will have to be a total one, eventually making it a revolution for the whole world." -- Yoko Ono

My non-profit organization, Sister Healing Exchange, provides a platform for peer-to-peer support among independent, female healing artists as well as advocacy and funding for women in need of holistic services and education. We are just getting started. Does this mission inspire you? Write me to get involved.