photo by Jess Swanson

photo by Jess Swanson

Molly Burkett is a young tarot reader, writer, and beautyseeker using the art of tarot for healing, transformation, and personal success. She is a shop reader at Catland, the most talked-about metaphysical boutique in New York City, and a member of Moon Church, the Brooklyn/L.A.-based feminist spiritual collective known for rooftop goddess circles, zines and performance art nights. She is considered a voice of the popular resurgence in mysticism, known for her articulate yet playful and inviting approach towards witchcraft, magic and divination.

She is also a musician, many-media artist, professionally trained modern dancer, and Seinfeld quote champion. She grew up homeschooled in Terre Haute, Indiana and received her B.A. in Media & Visual Culture from Indiana University-Bloomington. Pisces Sun/Leo Rising, INFP, and natural redhead.


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Mon, Tues: by appointment only 

Wednesday: walk-in or by appt 12-8 at Catland

Saturday: walk-in or by appt 12-4 at Catland


Catland Books / 987 Flushing Ave. / Bushwick / L to Morgan or JMZ to Flushing

Maha Rose Healing Center / 97 Green St. / Greenpoint / G to Greenpoint Ave.

Body Actualized Center / 417 Troutman St / Bushwick / L to Morgan or JMZ to Myrtle-Broadway


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