Molly Burkett is an artist, writer and performer with a growing reputation as a naturally talented tarot reader. She was given her first deck, the Spiral Tarot, from her mother at age 15. A series of life-altering spiritual experiences led her to embrace the tarot as a vehicle for her own personal transformation and creative practice. In fall of 2013 she was invited to be a shop reader at Catland, the premier metaphysical boutique in New York City. Within six months of reading professionally, she was named one of “7 Tarot Readers Who Are Shaping Brooklyn’s Alternative Spiritual Community” by the Huffington Post. She was also recently featured in Teen Vogue as a member of Moon Church, a Bushwick-based feminist spiritual collective “breathing new life into the archetype of the witch”.


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I use the tarot’s archetypal wisdom as a framework for honest self-reflection and deep inner healing. My style is an evolving blend of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology, and intuitive DIY magic. My particular interest lies in the empowerment of the female and the artist as a catalyst for global healing and change. My background is in dance, music and photography, and I have a B.A. in Communication & Culture with an emphasis on film and media. Its partly this academic training in "reading" visual texts that allows me to draw meaningful narratives from each unique combination of tarot cards. 

My goal as a reader is to help you transform anxiety-causing, fear-based belief systems into a positive frame of mind, and offer loving support as you follow your own unique path to the divine. I challenge you to be a visionary: imagine a nu future for yourself and the world, instead of allowing the traumas of the past and the restrictions built into current circumstances to dictate your actions today. Together we solve problems and set practical goals for moving forward, so that regardless of what energy you walked in with, you can leave feeling clear-headed, confident, inspired, and motivated to succeed.


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“A brilliant reader who I will be consulting again. Thank you again for sharing your gift." —Armelle, promotor at Salade de fruits jolie jolie, Lyon, France

"I can't recommend her highly enough. I never knew the feeling that she gave me the day of our reading. I felt lighter than air that day and the feeling has stayed with me weeks later. I felt inspired yet humbled. She gave me a new sort of faith. I can't wait to see her again and see what else we can uncover together." -Laura D., Indiana

"Molly's tarot readings are done with compassion and the experience is not intimidating but encompassing, as she approaches her role humbly, and brings part of her own inner-light to the table. Her talent has helped me better understand my journey." --Adelaide, NYC

"I'm crazy for tarot readings, but it's rare that I see someone who impresses me enough that I want to write them a review. Molly gave me a really great reading. It was really thorough, every question and concern I had was covered, and then some. ... She was also just really nice, funny and down to earth. As for accuracy, she was totally spot on." -Belle G., NYC

"This is incredible and the exact guidance I needed. Molly is SO gifted - wow. I will definitely be visiting her soon for [another] reading."—Marlo, founder of Creators Connect, NYC

"I'm not a stranger to the cards, but I really found Molly's process to be refreshing from beginning to end. She's a gem with some sort of healer energy about her. I left the reading feeling uplifted, clear-headed, motivated, and even closer to deity." --Chris C., NYC