photo by Jess Swanson

photo by Jess Swanson

Molly Burkett is a young artist, healer and beautyseeker living in Brooklyn. She is a shop tarot reader at Catland Books, Level 2 Reiki practitioner certified by the Maha Rose Healing Center and a member of Moon Church and Tarot Society. 

The tarot is one of many tools that she used in her own personal healing journey, after a lifetime of suffering from depression and anxiety that began causing daily panic attacks in her early twenties. She believes in the value of meditation, guided visualization, yoga, dance, creativity and DIY spellwork as a means to practice mind-body-spirit healing and cultivate a loving, fulfilling relationship with your divine Self. She invites you to see the magic in every day life, and embrace your own unique connection to inner wisdom. 

In addition to her spiritual work she makes music, takes pictures, dabbles in collage and 2d art. She is also a professionally trained modern dancer, and Seinfeld trivia champion. She grew up homeschooled in Terre Haute, Indiana and received her B.A. in Media & Visual Culture from Indiana University-Bloomington. Pisces Sun/Leo Rising, INFP, and natural redhead.


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