Molly is an intuitive healing artist with a private practice currently based in Brooklyn. Originally from the Midwest, she was homeschooled and first learned tarot, energywork and Goddess-oriented ritual from her mother. She has been reading cards since age 15 and received her Reiki certification from Maha Rose Healing Center.

The loss of a loved one at a young age and a spiritual awakening at the age of 23 led to her personal path through anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and PMDD. She believes in the transformative power of honest self-reflection, individualized spiritual practice and a commitment to unconditional self-love.

Her tarot insights, shared with warmth and laughter, can help you understand and manage your stressors, replace destructive behaviors with empowering ones, and break free from relationships or jobs that are toxic or stagnant. Her energywork can improve the mind-body connection, unlock your intuition, release emotions and stress, and help you enjoy deeper sleep. She is so honored to be able to work with you and share the resources and practices she has used personally with success, wonder and delight.

The public is more than ready for intuitive wellness based on acknowledging the whole person. As we become more connected and self-aware, mystical ideas are being embraced and explored. People all over the world are starting to listen to their inner voice and make magic in their own way. She has appeared on Nylon, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and Bedford & Bowery among others as an emerging voice on the everyday magic of tarot cards, energywork, spellcraft, crystals, moon rituals and more.

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Instagram: @molly_burkett