photo by Jess Swanson

photo by Jess Swanson

Molly Burkett is a young writer, singer, dancer, visual artist and magic-maker living in Brooklyn. Her current focus is on using the art of tarot for deep healing, personal growth and inspiration. She was given her first deck, the Spiral Tarot, from her mother at age 15. A series of transcendent experiences led her to embrace the tarot as a vehicle for her own creative practice and personal transformation. But it was by happenstance (or fate, if you believe in that sort of thing!) that she found her "gift for the work": In fall of 2013 she was discovered flipping cards at a party and was invited to be a shop reader at Catland, the premier metaphysical boutique in New York City. Within six months of reading professionally, she was featured in Teen Vogue as a voice of a new generation of witches and named one of “7 Tarot Readers Who Are Shaping Brooklyn’s Alternative Spiritual Community” by the Huffington Post. 

from Molly:

Together with my soul-twin, the sea-wandering enchantress/girlboss Fraya de Lune, my life's purpose is to cultivate beauty and seek meaning. I am devoted to the evolution of the Self and the investigation of the inner experience as a means to know oneness with All. The ultimate goal is to restore balance and make collective bliss on planet earth and beyond.

My style is a breath of fresh air from dogmatic traditions. I grew up practicing freeform, Goddess-oriented rituals with my mother which colored my inner world and now my community of sisters within Moon ChurchMagic is for everyone! I see it as a meditative and transformative act of self-love. Personally, I use symbolic action as an intuitive, creative and fun way to find my center and align my whole self in the pursuit of my desires.

Many spiritual workers are also creatives and performers, not because we're fakes but because imagination dissolves the ego, provides easy access to spirit, and promotes innovative thinking. I play music and I'm forever a modern dancer. I have also worked as a portrait photographer, vintage buyer/stylist, and marketing assistant. I hold a B.A. in Film & Media, and I've been self-publishing online since 1996. From the innate mind-body-spirit connection cultivated during 15 years of professional dance training to the analytical practice of "reading" visual texts, I apply all these experiences in your tarot session.