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A seasonal wisdom school for budding priestesses.

Are you easily affected by your environment and the feelings of others? Is your intuition often correct? Have you ever experienced a supernatural or miraculous event that can't be explained through logic? Are you dubbed "the mom" of your group, aka the person everyone goes to in their time of need? Do you ever experience nervousness, mood swings, or headaches/migraines with no clear medical reasoning? Do you ever feel like you give more than you receive at work or in relationships, leaving you feeling unappreciated, resentful, or depleted? Do you feel like an old soul? Are you attracted to occult imagery, mythology, tarot cards, witchcraft? Do you admire wise, trustworthy, independent women? 

Then you just might be a budding "MysteryKeeper": a very powerful and sensitive woman. She is the High Priestess of Moon Magic: flowing with the natural cycles of life, revelling in psychic awareness and sacred sisterhood. She is the Witness: she exists beyond the tempests of emotion and the tricks of the mind, and provides cool and collected counsel with no judgment, and no agenda. She is a Loving Protectress, charged with the responsibility of honoring the hidden aspects of others and of herself: hopes, fears, fantasies, and the divine truth within. 

To claim this life-changing inner power, you must learn how to trust your intuition, and make your sensitivities a strength. The MysteryKeepers is a 6-week intensive mentorship program with the goal of facilitating both. Under the guidance of a mentor and the support of a group, you can undergo a deep inner transformation as well as build confidence in your natural abilities as a counseler, healer, leader, caretaker, manager and all-around wise woman.

Every student begins a sacred yet self-guided practice using movement/meditation, divination, arts/writing, and ritual. We will use these tools to navigate the divine feminine mysteries, which includehonoring the moon phases as a mirror to the menstrual cycle and a valuable anchor in navigating your shifting rhythms and moods, acknowledging the world of the unseen (dreams, emotions, thoughts, spirit-beings, auras) as just as valid as the seen, and calling on the healing powers of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) to align yourself with nature and wellbeing.







Full program includes six 2-hour group workshops covering various Intuitive Empowerment topics such as:

  • Moon Magic 101: everything a MysteryKeeper should know about living and creating in tandem with the moon's cycles
  • Tarot Salon: practice divination as a gateway to the divine within, channelling higher wisdom for every situation
  • Arts n Witchcrafts: carve your own spell candle and experience the power and fun of embodied ritual
  • Psychic Rainbow: learn the 7-chakra system for deepened self-awareness, transformation and emotional alchemy

and more to be revealed! Shhhh…..

as well as two 50-minute private mentoring sessions completely personalized to you:

  • spiritual guidance: a safe, non-judgmental space to share what’s in your heart and learn mind/body/soul solutions to everyday problems
  • psychic hygiene: setting sacred space, grounding, clearing, and protecting your energy for reduced stress and more clarity
  • magical mentoring/private lessons: begin or deepen your personal or professional practice of tarot card reading, energy healing, or yoga/meditation, etc. 

and one 75-minute private healing session where you will have the opportunity to:

  • receive intuitive guidance with illuminating tarot insights or reiki energywork
  • improve mind/body awareness through chakra balancing and crystal consultation
  • connect to spirit guides, animal totems or other higher energies that are walking with you in this lifetime
  • clear deeply rooted fears, attachments, and understand karma from past lives or trauma

If you are craving a deeply rewarding experience this summer, and feel ready to GO DEEP: please join us! See OPTIONS below to decide the right pathway for you. 

MEDICINE SPACE, the sanctuary for our weekly group workshops. 

MEDICINE SPACE, the sanctuary for our weekly group workshops. 

~*~*~*~*~ Scheduling: Group workshops take place on Sundays, 7-9pm, June 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, and July 31st. Private sessions are custom scheduled week to week.  

Location: Medicine Space, 89 5th Ave in Union Square, Manhattan. Private sessions held in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (exact location TBA). 

OPTION #1: FULL PROGRAM - $875 - six group workshops,  two private mentoring sessions and one private healing session

OPTION #2: PART-TIME PROGRAM - $375 - six group workshops only

Both options include: handouts and resources, 20% discount off any of Molly's other classes/workshops during June 26-August 7th, take-home enchanted gifts and access to a private group of all past and future MysteryKeepers. ~*~*~*~*~

ELIGIBILITY: Open to mature, mentally/emotionally stable, self-motivated women with a sincere desire to deepen their relationship to their spiritual self. No prior knowledge is necessary and all are welcome to apply, though preference is given to returning clients/students and those with demonstrated experience in the healing arts. 

REQUIREMENTS: All students commit to a self-guided daily practice of at least 10 minutes of meditation daily; chart their menstrual cycle if applicable; and complete short readings and reflection exercises. This work can easily be folded into your everyday, normal self-care routine. If you have any questions or concerns about the level of commitment/time investment, please ask.


Molly will be in touch directly with select inquiries with a free phone consultation so we can determine if it's the right fit, help you figure out what option is best for you, and answer any questions you may have. Space is limited and groups are kept small to ensure personal attention. Apply ASAP to reserve your spot.


  • Program runs June 26th-August 1st. 
  • $200 down payment required to reserve your spot within 7 days of acceptance.
  • Remaining tuition due by June 26th, or you can set up a weekly/bi-weekly payment plan.
  • Workstudy/sliding scale options upon request.
  • Please write to with any questions.